Friday, August 13, 2010


One Sunday, while searching for a rented House, Ravi reached the address.
That very moment, another young Lady who also hubnting for a new house
reached that spot.

When the Door opened, the House owner a Lady in her middle age, staring
at the visitors. "M'am, I want to see the house for Rent"

The House owner, seeing them together said "My Flat is not for married
Couple" and closed the Door. This time, the Girl pressed the Calling Bell.
Door opend and she said "M'am, we are not married couple"innocently.
Now the House Owner banged the Door with redoubled Force.


Describing Qualities "must" for any Politician, Sir Winston Churchill said,
"he must have foresight to forecast the events and also enough insight
to explain why his forecast did't come true".


Kushwant Singh showed his Reading Room to his friend who was verymuch
impressed with the collection of old books. He requested "May I borrow
some books from you time to time ?"
"Sorry dear" said Mr Singh "Ican't allow the books to be borrowed.It's only
after borrowing books, this Library is created"


Once an young writer conversing with George Bernard Shaw. The young
Author praising his fore fathers and previous generation.
"You know my father was the Army General when he was Forty.
my grand Pa was a Knight of the British Empqair & my great Grand Pa,
was the Chancellor of Exchequer when we fought with Nepolean..."
G.B.Shaw stopped him and said " Don't go too high my boy, or you'll
have to say that the first man of your race was actually a Monkey".


Famous Urdu Poet Galib was very much fond of Mangoes. Once he
was attending a Garden Party eating Mangoes, threw the stones and
Rinds of Mango before a Donky, who just sniffed and walked away.
Seeing this, Raja of Alwar commented. "Look Mirza, even Donky
has no taste for Mangoes. Mirza replied "You are right Raja Saheb,
only Donkeys have no taste for Mangoes"


On the occation of George Bernard Shaw's Play "PYGMALION"
inaugural show, he sent 2 Passes to Mr.Churchill with a laconic note
"One for you and one for your friend if you have any"
Regretting hisinabilityto attend the show on that particular day,
Churchill wrote back " I may come to watch the Play tomarrow
if it has any tomarrow"


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